😿 Stage #36: Sorry we're late!

pro bike for £25 and the women's Tour de France is finally announced


Sorry, we’re late! It’s been a crazy week for me. I was racing in France from Wednesday to Sunday last week, then landed in the UK early Monday morning and I had National Time Trial Champs today (Thursday). In all that time, I had problems with my laptop charger so I couldn’t access the program we use to publish this newsletter. In short, I’m sorry.

I’m back home in the north of England as I type this. It’s the first time in four and a half months that I’ve been in the UK for longer than 24 hours, and it is a little strange! I have one more road race left this weekend, and then it’s time to have a couple of weeks off the bike and chill out.

Normal service will resume next week with our Tuesday newsletter drop.

Have a good week pedalling,


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Le Tour de France Femmes is coming! The first-ever women’s Tour de France will start next year, and the route has just been released. Starting in Paris, it crosses France across eight days. The final stage is atop of La Planches des Belles Filles, one of the most beautiful climbs in France. It’s a case of better late than never. We can’t wait for this one.

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#culture #humanitarian

The UCI, cycling’s world governing body, has been part of an operation to evacuate 165 people from Afghanistan including female cyclists and members of the Afghan Cycling Federation. It is hoped that some of the evacuees will join the UCI World Cycling Centre, which has accommodation and training facilities for cyclists from across the world.

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Have your friends ever joked that you’re not running the latest kit? Well fear no more, Elisa Balsamo, the Elite Women’s World Champion, is in the same boat. Balsamo received a custom-painted, very cool-looking, Cannondale after securing the rainbow bands. But… it has Shimano Ultegra, rather than the top-of-the-range Dura Ace!

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#win #tech

Hey, remember when Lachlan Morton rode the entire route of the Tour de France, solo, unsupported? Remember when he beat the peloton to Paris by more than five days – despite riding further, climbing more, resting less, and sleeping in a tent? Well, now that bike, a 54-cm Cannondale SuperSix EVO is up for raffle. For just £25, you could win it!

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Intensity versus Endurance is the age-old debate when it comes to cycling fitness. Should you ride longer or harder? Former pro cyclist Hunter Allen talks us through the pros and cons to both and tries to answer the million-dollar question in this article. In short - a bit of both works well.

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How’s this for recycling?

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For us in the northern hemisphere, Zwift has been a Godsend over the past 5 years. It’s easy to forget that Zwift only really started to become popular in 2015. How did we train indoors before? Eric Min and Jon Mayerfield are the founders of Zwift. This podcast is about building Zwift, and how one person tinkering with a kinetic trainer led to the fastest-growing company in cycling.

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Four men, packed and stacked, riding African Gravel. This is the first of a four-part series. Just watch it, it’ll make you want to book a ticket to the Mara to ride your bike.

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