👶🏼 Stage #32: Cycling moment of the year and pancakes with whisky

and how to make your bike parts live longer


How’re you doing today? I’m back at you with another weekly newsletter from N+1. It’s been a relatively quiet week for cycling news, but I’m still bringing you a round-up of the best bits. If you haven’t already, why don’t you go ahead and download our app?

I’m writing this on Monday afternoon in my apartment, I’ve got a pretty busy day ahead of me still as well. I’m flying to Belgium tomorrow for a couple of one-day races. I’ve still got to pack, run some errands and I have a Spanish lesson this evening too!

I somehow managed to pick up a little cold after my last trip to Belgium. It sucks really, I had to miss the training block I had planned and I’ve spent most of the last week lying horizontal on my couch. Luckily, it has shifted just in time for me to be able to travel and race. I don’t know where my fitness will be, but I’ve just got to take every opportunity this late in the season.

Catch you next week,


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Wout van Aert cleaned up in the Tour of Britain, taking half of the stages and the overall. The Belgian rider continued his stellar season and sent a warning signal to his rivals for the World Championships, which are happening in two weeks. His team, Jumbo-Visma, also created one of the best ‘‘feel-good’’ moments of 2021 cycling. After Pascal Eenkoohrn passed the young fan on the previous stage (see our Tweet of the Week below), Jumbo Visma invited the young fan to the start the next day.

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Erin Huck is the USA National MT Champion and competed in this year’s Olympics. Her diet isn’t what you’d expect from an elite athlete, but it also proves the theory that you don’t have to restrict everything to perform at the highest level. Huck’s diet includes regular batches of pancakes and the occasional glass of whisky. Sign me up!

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#tech #tips

There is a worldwide shortage of bike parts right now. Thanks to COVID-19 disruption, supply chains in the bike industry are still in chaos. If you look after your equipment, it will last longer, it really is that simple. Here are 11-tips for keeping your bike running while this part shortage prevails!

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A 1,500 km mixed-surface route which traverses some of the least visited areas of Spain, what’s not to like? The newly launched Camino del Cid gravel includes nearly 1,500 kms of trails, tracks, and secondary roads with very little traffic. It crosses Spain from the northwest to the southeast, from the centre of Castile to the Mediterranean. Shall we put it on the bucket list?

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#training #offroad

Road, gravel, cyclocross, or mountain bike. Here at N+1, we’re all about having fun on two wheels. With the winter months not too far away, many of us in the northern hemisphere will look off-road. MTB is more fun and often offers a better ride when the weather conditions take a turn. Here are some top workouts for improving your MTB speed.

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This is worth 51-seconds of your life. Please, find me a better sport…

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Niamh and Finn Fisher Black are two young Kiwi champions who are ripping up the World Tour. Niamh rides for SD Worx and Finn is with the UAE Team Emirates, and both are Girona residents too. They are both genuinely nice people who are going places in the pro-cycling world. This podcast tells the story of their journey from New Zealand to the pro-ranks.

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The Tour of Britain is Britain’s biggest bike race (no surprises there). I’m British, so I may be slightly biased, but this video is great. It shows the craziness that can happen every single day in a bike race. This is my office, looks fun, right?

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