🐑 Stage #31: The all-new Shimano groupset

and how to change your tyre pressure on the move


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I’m fresh back from Belgium (again!). We had a hectic three-day stage race in Flanders. The race ended up being one for the sprinters, but it was still good fun to get back into some aggressive back racing. I’ve got ten days at home in Girona now before I get on yet another flight to Belgium.

This week’s newsletter includes one of cycling’s best-known secrets, Shimano’s new groupset. It was only released this past week, but it has been rumoured for the past couple of years. Shimano’s new 12-speed, semi-wireless groupset is pretty much everything you’d expect. The only slight surprise - it only comes in electronic options. What do you think about that?

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Primoz Roglic rounded off the Vuelta a España in style by winning his fourth, and the race’s final stage into Santiago de Compostela. The Olympic Champion convincingly won the race overall too, his third consecutive title. The Slovenian has made the final Grand Tour of the year his own and took this year’s title by almost five minutes. While Roglic was the best rider of the race, he wasn’t the only story. Here are the five biggest talking points from the three-week race.

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The worst kept secret in cycling is out, Shimano have released their new semi-wireless 12-speed groupset. The Dura Ace R9200 series comes in both disc and rim brake options but it’s RIP for mechanical shifting, the top of the range groupset is only available in Di2 options. The Japanese company also released a new Ultegra groupset, but again, dropping mechanical shifting altogether. What do you think about this move - is electronic the way to go, or will you miss mechanical options?

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Gravel tech is going in all directions currently. The discipline is still in its infancy, so developments are happening constantly. The latest piece of tech is from Gravaa, who’s Kaps wheelset allows you to adjust your tyre pressure on the go. It’s the perfect system for ever-changing off-road terrain. But it comes at a cost as they’re just shy of €3,000 a set.

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Gustav Gullholm, aka Dangerholm, is known in the mountain bike world for building incredibly light bikes, scraping paint off brand new carbon frames with a bush knife, and some truly creative modifications. He’s now turned his sights to gravel. This custom Scott Addict Gravel is only 7.13 kg, and it’s a thing of beauty. I want one.

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The one-piece of human physiology that is completely out of our control is ageing. It happens to everyone. However, getting older doesn’t mean you have to get slower. The most important part of trying to out-race our age is acknowledging the changes happening in your body and matching your training accordingly. Here are some top tips to get faster, as you get older.

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Last week it was cows in a bike race, this week it’s sheep…

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Geraint Thomas and Luke Rowe are two of the best riders in the pro peloton. On their Watts Occuring podcast, the two Welsh friends got together to answer listeners’ questions. Listen to two of the most successful and experienced riders of the last decade as they have a laugh, and provide some little nuggets of advice.

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I don’t know about you, but I’ve always had a pipe dream of owning a bike shop. It would have all ranges of equipment, as well as a cafe selling the finest coffee. Bike racing would always be on in the background, and it would become a community hub. GCN, one of the biggest YouTube channels in cycling, took on the challenge of taking over a bike shop for the day…

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